Volunteers from our community, Attorney Thompson and Mr. Gary Heldier visited with my students and really opened their minds about becoming their own bosses. The students were able to learn about developing a business plan and how to develop and market their product. It was a pleasure to watch my students interact with the volunteers. I was also pleased to see how excited and competitive the students became when they had to create a product and a memorable slogan. The students became believers that they too can become entrepreneurs when they realized that much of the same information that is being taught in the classroom is what is being practiced in the real world. Thanks again for granting my students this opportunity. — Mrs. Corinne Lindesay-Petty, Charlotte Amalie HS

As a two-time volunteer, it is my belief that the program definitely has made a significant impact on several of the students that I’ve been afforded the opportunity to mentor. While it is impossible to inspire every child in attendance to be an entrepreneur, I’m quite satisfied with the few whom have indicated that the idea of “being their own boss” is now more attractive than prior to the implementation of the JAV program in their school. I was elated when several of the students indicated that an in depth understanding of what is required to start and maintain a successful will aide them in selecting a creative and competitive business model after completing Business School on a college level. With that being said, I affirm that the program was a success. — Sencelia N. Reynolds, Glacial Energy

In the school year of 2010-2011 I was a junior taking part in the Charlotte Amalie Business Program where you presented your Junior Achievement to me and my peers. It was a very enriching and enlightening program I have ever received on this school campus. Your program educated me with steps to creating a well-organized business plan, and the different kinds of businesses that are existing in the community and nationwide. Over the course time period I learned the details and effort it takes to create a business that is going to make profit and substantial significance. — Ashlyn Xavier, OAS Business Student

During my sophomore and junior years, I was given the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of your colleagues under the Junior Achievement Program. They visited our school on a weekly basis conducting various workshops, most of which related to the field that I focus on in my school currently, which is business. These workshops were fun and interactive as well as highly informative. They gave me the opportunity to pinpoint my weaknesses and strengths in order to grow as a person and become a successful business leader. The conductors of these workshops were very polite and courteous individuals who spoke to us as young adults rather than simply school children. — Koi Rivera, CAHS Business Student

I would like to say a special “thank you” to you and your company for blessing us with the opportunity for J.A. It is truly a blessing indeed because it allows us students to learn how to be or become successful entrepreneurs. In today’s society, not everyone wants other people to prosper or move on in life. But thankfully its people like you, from J.A., that really want to see us to prosper. I think with good instructors and children willing to learn, this program will be “free money” well spent. — Soraya Benjamin, CAHS 

Alpine Securities USVI should be commended for its vision of instituting the Junior Achievement Program. The program illustrated the company’s promise of “Providing opportunities in the fields of finance and economics for some of the brightest minds in the island.” The six weeks session exposed the students to concepts that will help to prepare them for the future. One example is entrepreneurship. This topic should be included in the school’s curriculum because it will increase the student’s ability to survive in this period of an ailing economy. — Elvette Elliott

During the JA program, I learned many valuable skills ranging anywhere from how to choose the right product to writing a simple business plan. I have gotten many different insights into the business world that will help me in my everyday life. The sessions were engaging, face-paced, and highly informative. They have honed abilities that I was not cognizant of having, such as leadership and ingenuity. We were forced to think bigger and broaden our understanding at a global level. Now when I go into an establishment, I think of the process the store owner had to go through in order to start the business. All the resources that were expended, and even how seemingly insignificant problems affect everyone from employees to people in the community. — Shelia Joseph

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